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Rinse dishes and load the dishwasher after each meal.  Wash pots and pans immediately.  After your last meal of the day, load and turn the dishwasher on.  Unload in the morning.  Easy as pie AND if you rinse dishes right after they get used, they don't sit around long enough for food to stick to the plate and require deep scrubbing (if you have a newer dishwasher you can even skip the rinsing...mine is a dinosaur!).
Could you move closer to either work or school to save on gas?  Does the school have family housing?
If your covers are leaking I don't think stripping them will help :(  Your best bet is replacing them and continue avoiding vinegar and baking soda, as well as super hot washes.  Also, you didn't mention if you were line or machine drying, I know it's recommended to dry PUL on hot once in a while but not every wash.
I was diagnosed with Graves about six months ago, and this was my first symptom.  It may be worth having some bloodwork done to see if something is going on.
a. Who you are   Dani, mom to 2 (8yo and 21mo dd's).  Military wife with a very part time weekend job. b. Where you are going (your financial goals)   We are following the Dave Ramsey debt free plan.  We are just starting on BS2. c. How you plan to get there   Living out of the pantry and deep freeze for the month.  We should really only need milk, bread and produce.  Oh, and dh's diet sodas.  I have a 3/4 tank of gas in my car and the farthest I should...
We weathered the storm last night.  She blew out to sea around the NC/VA border so we avoided a direct hit, we just got the wind and rain from the bands around the center of the storm.  Our lights flickered several times but we did not lose power and my complex didn't flood from what I can see.  It's nice and sunny and warm here again.  I'm so relieved!!  P&PT to those still in her projected path.   ETA-I just read she has been downgraded to a tropical storm now.
We're in Hampton Roads (SE VA) and decided to wait out the storm.  This won't be our first, we moved here from the gulf coast so we have been through a few.  A tip I don't see listed here-fill bathtubs with water to use for bathing, washing, to flush toilets, etc.  P&PT to all who will be dealing with the storm this weekend.   
Having had two dd's with VUR, I would say it's best to be proactive and test.
Untreated hyperthyroidism can lead to heart and eye problems.  I would absolutely get a referral to a pediatric endocrinologist and go from there.  He may need a thyroid scan at some point, which has two parts-an ultrasound to detect nodules and gauge the size of the thyroid, as well as an iodine absorption measurement.  They may hold off on the latter, since it requires a tiny amount of radioactive iodine.  I have Grave's and have all of the symptoms you listed.  I take...
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