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I developed pre-e in both of my pg.  I spilled protein throughout my second pg and had no other issues so it was attributed to pre-e, although I didn't develop blood pressure issues until close to 38 weeks.  I was just considered high risk and had bp checks once a week. 
Jumping in.   We are back to BS1 this month.  Dh's family has had a lot going on so he's been traveling back and forth from VA to SC pretty much every other weekend the last couple months and that has eaten into our budget quite a bit.  Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and we can get back on plan.  I have a job interview tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers that they can give me nights and weekends so I can work opposite dh and we won't have to put dd2 in...
I have a 20 month old as well and she loves to hit and kick me and her sister.  Oh, and pull our hair.  When she does it I redirect her, tell her that we do not hit or kick and try to get her interested in reading a book or playing with some toys.  I think that's pretty much the only thing you can do at this age.
I have a wicker trunk that I got at Pier 1 Imports (I think) that sits just inside the door way.  It holds a diaper bag and dd1's backpack as well as our shoes.  Not sure how well that would work for multiple or large bags though.
Hmmm, pretty much all I do is make sure to clean out the sludge tank every time I use it.  Oh and I've cleaned the brush a few times too.  It just takes a couple minutes, really.  I haven't had any issues with my machine at all.
I have a Bissell little green machine and I fill it with vinegar and hot water to clean up yucky messes like that.  Between kids and animals my carpet would be pretty gross without it, lol.
I dislike curtains, always have.  I much prefer the clean lines of blinds.  I have had a valence in the kids room though, that matched their quilts.  I think it's a nice compromise if you want some color on the window.
We got ours close to two years ago, it's an indoor RCA model that we paid around $80 for at the time but it's currently about half price on Amazon.  If you have a flat screen tv you just connect it and you don't need anything else, very simple and works great.  If you have an older analog tv you will need a converter box.  I believe these run for $30-40 depending on the store.   With the antenna, we get close to 20 channels total, all of the local channels plus some bonus...
  We have a digital antenna and we get all of the local channels including PBS kids and qubo for free.  Would that be an option for you?
A pile of shoes by the door.   My bookcase with all my old favorite books.   Drawings on the fridge.   Quilts.                
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