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Meadow Dale
Is there a middle ground, as in an area that might not be as inexpensive as the one you're looking at, but would be a little safer and not quite what you're paying now?
I did some massive decluttering before and after dd2(18m) was born, so now the house is pretty bare as far as non-toy *stuff* goes and I'm not constantly putting xyz back in the room it belongs in.  I have toy bins in both the living room and girls' bedroom and I heard the toys toward the closest bin with my feet which dd2 thinks is a hilarious game.  I do try to dust and vacuum each bedroom and do a once over of the bathroom once a week during dd2's nap.  In addition to...
My dd1 has never had any desire to play with dolls, and so I actually gave away tons of Barbies, American Girls, etc stuff to some friends thinking that she would be an only child.  Well, life happens and dd2 LOVES dolls, plays with them all the time.  I wish I had hung onto that stuff just a little longer for her.  I know, I'm no help!!
I react to mosquito bites just like that.  I use calamine lotion on the spots and take benadryl if it's really itchy.
Honestly, the way that she phrased the whole "we'll be flush with money to pay you back with next week" deal makes me think she has used that line before to get money from someone else.  I wouldn't expect to get the money back anytime soon, but keep emailing and reminding her about it.  And yes, if it never materializes, I would move to small claims court.   As to whether we loan money to friends, like pp's have said, if we have it to gift to someone in need, we...
Check Craigslist.  I got my most recent machine for $25 and it works perfectly.
I can totally empathize with you on this issue, only difference here is the box is in the tiny bathroom connected to our bedroom.  I'm doing the same as you, getting up and taking care of it if I smell it.  My cat never covers his treats either, so it's a major stink no matter what food or litter.  I do use an odor neutralizer spray though, just because with closed windows the stink won't clear up quickly and I can't go back to sleep.
Every morning.  During the warmer months I do a quickie shower at night as well just to rinse off sweat.  I just feel icky if I don't. 
Evergreen trees pumpkin pie campfires peaches (yum!) oranges maple syrup canteloupe a pot of pinto beans simmering away bacon   (lol I'm hungry can you tell!)
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