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Under the couch, where mine were last time I lost them.
I wash mine and air dry them every once in a while, and it's been fine, no problems at all.
Wool.  We love SmartWool for base layers.  Ugg-type boots rock too. 
Zumba classes.
My faves: KitchenAid Mixer, Immersion blender   Wish list: I would love to have a high end juicer and a rice steamer/cooker.
Coffee Maker Microwave Paper towel roll A large bottle of olive oil cooking utensil crock w/ about a dozen utensils Pen/pencil holder two cutting boards (stored between the microwave and wall) dish soap and sponge the sink stopper
I have been able to open the windows that last couple days and it has helped.  There is one spot though that still smells fairly strongly.  I will try the boiling hot water today, thanks!
We all had the stomach flu a couple days ago and there were a couple accidents on the carpet in the living room.  I cleaned the areas immediately with a Green Machine carpet cleaner and repeated it again the next day, both times using the regular cleaning solution that comes with the machine.  I also tried using hot water and vinegar but so far nothing seems to be helping to diminish the sour vomit smell that is still lingering.  Any ideas on something else to use on it?
Alina Ayla Amara Amaya Anya Aine
Sorry it took me so long, he takes 380 mg once a day.  HTH.  
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