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The coughing makes me think post nasal drip.  Has he ever been tested for allergies?  They can cause large tonsils too.
My dh has been dealing with migraines since his teenage years.  He took Imitrex at one point but it would only work if he was able to catch the migraine before it became full blown, and it usually upset his stomach as well.  I've had to take him to the ER before because he couldn't hardly eat or even move when they got really bad.  Lately however he has been taking Feverfew capsules and they have really decreased in frequency, strength and duration.  Now when he has a...
Noah for a boy, and Amaya fora girl.  I adore both names but they don't work well with our last name.  I also love Ayla for a girl from one of my favorite books (Clan of the Cave Bear) but dh doesn't care for it.
Eleanor (Ellie) Cara Olivia (Libby)
Calorie counting and walking.  A good stroller is pretty much all I need.  If it's too hot or cold out I go to the mall and do a few laps, but usually I walk around the lake right by my house or down to the library.
I fold my nightshirt and put it on my dresser.
    Yes to all 3 of these.  I spend much less time here now because of the difficulty of viewing and navigating the forums since the format change.   
My mother is in denial as well.  Whenever she visits she takes over my tv and turns the volume up so loud that I can't stand to be in the same room with her.  It really puts a damper on her visits and I wish she would just get her hearing checked.  She is adamant that it's not "that bad".  Sigh.
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