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Dh's (military) haircuts (at least 2x a month)   Dd1's activities (gymnastics spring/fall, swimming in the summer)   skin care/cosmetics (I have horrible skin, and unfortunately it takes quite a few products to get it in decent shape)   books (we borrow from the library first but if it's something dd1 or I really love we buy it-I have a B&N membership and get coupons and such all the time)   Zoo/theme park memberships (fairly inexpensive and good for...
I try to keep the thermostat at 68 day/63 night.  Dh considers anything under 70 *too cold* and is constantly turning it up to 71-72 and I'm constantly coming around behind him to turn it back down.  So far dd2 (12mo) has been fine in a onesie, sweatshirt and fleece pants with wool socks.  I can't keep a blanket on her at night, she kicks them off, but she will tolerate a fleece sleep sack which keeps her nice and warm over cotton pjs.
Kind of hard to tell from the pics, is the rash more like lace or is it spots?  I was thinking it looked kind of like Fifth's Disease.
Dorothy was my grandmothers name as well :)  I also like Josiah William.
I had this with dd2, in my case it was yeast. I removed all sugar from my diet and kept the area as clean and dry as possible with some gold bond powder and it cleared up. Oh, and I wore cotton sports bras instead of underwire, that seemed to help as well.
Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands...
None so far. I was in the military and used my GI Bill to pay for my Associates. When I go back to school next year for my Bachelors I will be using the newer 9/11 version of the GI Bill which will pay 80% tuition and the rest I'll have to cover with grants and/or loans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ceinwen I'm willing to help with books, let them live at home, help w/gas/car costs, etc. if they live at home and go to university here - but I'm definitely saving for retirement over my kid's post-secondary educations. This.
Possibly, if I'm able to get the weight off and keep it off. I'm pretty sure I will have a large apron of skin hanging down in front because all my weight is in my belly and abdomen instead of evenly distributed all over. If it keeps me from being able to fit into clothes properly and causes skin infections, itchies, etc, then yes I probably would have one done.
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