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I've tried them all and gone back to CV. There's just nothing that compares, IMO.
No snow here in south TX. I personally love snow and hope to move north very soon. Seasons would be nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fiestabeth I can tell Coke and Pepsi apart too. : Also a Coke addict. And diet! Blech. I can smell the difference. Same here. Love me some co-cola as they call it round here. Quote: Originally Posted by straighthaircurly The aftertaste for diet soda is horrible for me. This too. I can't deal with the aftertaste. Blech.
Double cheeseburger, large coke = $2. It's a cheap, occasional treat and very handy when I've been out and about all day and don't feel like cooking.
I kind of do this, and I do prefer to mix and match vs buying ensembles. I have a couple sets of "bum around the house" clothes that are yoga pants and t-shirts, which double as work out clothes. I have 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair khaki pants, 2 pairs of capris (one khaki, one denim) and a brown skirt which I pair with about 6 blouses that will match any of my bottoms. I have a dress for weddings or 'fancy' outings, a couple sweaters in basic colors, and a wool pea coat...
Quote: Originally Posted by CookieMonsterMommy Sometimes the CC machine on one register doesn't work. : I have given my cc to the lady at the first window to swipe on a different machine because hers was broken. As long as they tell me, I'm fine with it. I understand your reasoning though, these are scary times.
I hope you catch her! We had a hamster a few years ago and had an incident when I bought a new cage for him. I guess I didn't screw on the little skylight feature well enough because he somehow pushed it off and got out. I looked high and low for him, saw droppings in the kitchen and thought I was going to have to pull out the appliances to look behind. But just as I was going to call dh at work to have him come home and help me, I looked into the old cage that was...
I hate the summer too. When we first moved to TX everyone said you get used to the heat. Well yeah, they're right. The heat doesn't bother me so much anymore. But the humidity does. And I HATE sunblock with a passion but dd and I are so fair its a necessity. I also hate mosquitoes that ruin the only feasible time to be outside as the sun is going down. I love the fall and winter, with cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, pumpkin pie and pink cheeks from the crisp, cool air. ...
Jamba Juice!!!! Our closest Ikea is 4 hours away, I get there maybe once a year. Oh, and I also wish we had a Costco. We have Sam's but it's not the same.
I am 43", down from 45". I'm so bummed that the stomach is where gals lose weight last. My arms, legs and face are definitely showing my weight loss but I've been in the same size pants for months now. I carry my weight in the middle, especially my abdomen. Blah.
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