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Welcome! I'm also having my 5th baby (all girls lol), but this is my first UC. I'm due the 4th of July and excited to have this experience. My first 4 were all hospital births, but my 4th was a birth center transfer. I ended up with pretty bad PTSD for about a year afterwards, which is a major part of why I plan to do things unassisted this time.
Welcome! I'm pretty new in here, too. I'm pregnant with my 5th and am planning my first unassisted birth around the 4th of July when I'm due. Like you, I am wanting for a much different experience than my prior births. We've read many of the same books and I just bought and finished Emergency Childbirth. Awesome book! Good luck on your journey 
Thanks so much for your response! I was starting to become worried I wouldn't get any since even though there've been quite a few views no one has said anything I do have Birthing From Within, but haven't finished it yet so I'll make sure to do that. Would I be able to get those herbs for the bleeding at just any health food store?
  Hello my name is Lauretta and I'm a mommy of 4 girls, with another girl on the way- due 4th of July. My first 3 births were all vaginal births done in a hospital with an OB, epidural, the whole 9 yards. After a bad experience during my 3rd labor and the epidural being placed wrong/giving me panic attacks & back issues for weeks afterwards, I knew in the future my next birth would need to be COMPLETELY different. So I researched everything natural and decided upon a...
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