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Actually, a lot of these organizations get  reduced rates at public lands, grocery stores, you name it, because they are a not-for-profit organization.  Tax exempt.  I don't know if boyscouts are this way for sure, but I don't see how we are  "subsidizing their existance".  I am pro-life and my tax money goes to planned parenthood but I deal.
What about churches?  Same difference.  KKK still exists as a group because they are allowed to exist, this is anyones right. I live in Toledo Ohio and they actually have a court order for a white supremist group to march through downtown.   It is a right, get over it people.  All you can do is make your own voice heard and not be a part of it.
It is a private group, privately funded, privately ran, they are aloud to make their own decisions.  There are plenty of other groups availlable.  I don't think you can knock a group for trying to stick to there morals, whether you believe in them or not.  And no I am not some crazy republican against gay rights.
And it goes... There was an old woman who swallowed a pill, I don't know why she swallowed that pill. She swallowed that pill to get rid of her ill. She got rid of her ill by sitting still.... Etc...
I used fenugreek when I went back to work and it did increase my supply by about 2 ounces every 4 hours...  It does make your milk  and the babies stool smell like maple syrup.
Anyone training for a half marathon that is soon approaching?  I got crazy and signed up for one on April 22 and now I'm starting to worry.  I try to get my miles up during the week but my husband works 2nd shift and the kids sabotage me when I run on the treadmill.  I try to do the long run on Sundays when he is home but the miles during the week aren't working so well.  Any ideas?
This is straight out of high school track:  run backwards to get rid of shin splints, it sounds dumb and you look even dumber but it can work...  I used to get them when I was running short distances because of the hard fast impact, probably why you also get them from jumping rope.  Be a little springier in your step and make sure you go heel to toe.  i tend to run on my toes now and run distance so I haven't had problems.  Good luck.
I had this early on and it was because I was running on my tip toes...  You also might try taping a few together and see if that helps.  I have problems with my toes falling asleep and found taping the three middel ones together fixed that.  I'm also trying to do a half marathon April 22nd, still trying to get my miles up.  My husband works second shift and I have a hard time getting miles in during the week.
Polio was the first thing that came to mind and had a ton of info.  I'm not attacking, and on this site I am the minority.  The issue in the beginning was that there was no media covereage about non-vaxers.  The reason seems obvious to me.  Also, Slate where you got this article was basically a rant from some guy not a legite, factual paper. 
Slmommy: I did read your post with Stik, the two of you went back and forth for a while and I never once heard your deal about the herd mentality?  You kept refferencing it but never debated it.  Why only pick one vaccine out, how about if we talk about polio. This was before 1988...  Polio is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. It invades the nervous system, and can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours. The virus enters the body through the mouth...
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