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Thanks for the link!
Yes! My email is alexisleedotperkinsatgmaildotcom Also, come checkout the Facebook group, Vermont Crunchy Mamas
Thank you!! It's so wonderful to hear this from a mom with so much experience!
Good to know. I asked because at play groups all of the mothers talk about is their struggle to put their baby on a schedule. I was beginning to feel like a weirdo!
Agreed! I also feel like our bodies aren't static machines. Some days he needs more sleep and so he takes more or longer naps. I want him to be in tune with his biological Rythmn rather than an artificial clock.
@ Erimattsmom Awesome! This is exactly what I meant. I'm so happy to know it works for children as well as babies. I've found it difficult to find other parents that do this.
I said no schedule not no routine. Schedule implies using the clock whereas we prefer rythmn and routine.
My son, Roan, his nearly 7 months old and I have no plans of putting him on a schedule. Anybody else choosing to be schedule-free?
Hi. I have a 6 month old and would love to get together with other like-minded mothers. I can't seem to find other moms that share my parenting philosophy. Anyone?
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