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My kids are 10 and 11. Thats a great idea, I'll look into the loft bed. Thanks!
Great suggestions! Thank you. The only problem is that the way the room is designed, I can't split the room evenly in half with the tape or curtain rods, which could start a whole new argument. :/ They just don't want to be in the same room together..or want their own "space" pretty much.
Pretty much everything lol I dont really like anything generic...
Wow...just wow...
I also forgot to mention that I came across a "bed tent" (privacypop . com) too. Has anyone ever bought one?
Hi all, So I tried to post this before but I could never find it. lol   Anyway, I've got two feuding kids who share a room. I've been looking into room dividers but I can't find the perfect "fit". Does anyone have any other suggestions?   Thanks in advance!
I was also wondering how long does it usually take for a new thread to be approved?
Hi! I'm new here too! :)
Hi all! I'm new here and I'm not really sure where to post this thread so here it goes... I have 2 kids, ages 10 and 11, who share a bedroom. Needless to say, they've gotten to an age where they need their  "space". lol So I've been looking into some type of room dividers. But does anyone have any better suggestions?   Thanks in advance!
Love this thread! I'm new here by the way. :)
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