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It has been maybe 3 weeks give or take a few days, so Ill text again in a few days
well, I had my period a few weeks ago and had sex every other day for 2 weeks after that. That was fisrt period since before getting pregnant with my 4mo. So it's hard to say, Ive never been great about keeping track
I was late to make an appt to get another dose of depo provera, completely spaced it.... I've been really busy with my 4 yo and 4 mo boys. :/ Im freaking out because I feel pregnant... semi sentive breasts, soft cervex, creamy white discharge. major adversion for eggs one of my fav foods.  I just feel sort of pregnant. What was a telltale sign for you?? I took a test today that came out negative. So... Im not sure...
I just started taking mine last night. It is hard to tell whether or not they are helping... I guess it's just a gut feeling thats its the best choice for me! My bleeding has been really minimal this time around before even taking the placenta. Im 7 days postpartum and have a few tiny blood clots when I pee.. that's about it. It will deffinatly help the amenia though. My milk supply is really low :( so... hopefully this will do the trick
i love how everyone spelt incapsulating correct except me  lol. i had to sign my life away in order to take mine home the hospital. They run tests on it and freeze it beforhand
berry smoothies... good idea, similar color right? lol   With my first pregnancy I did not consume my placenta... I didn't have an idea why or how you would do it. I had alot of problems with milk supply and mood swinngs. this time its that and anemia. So... crossing my fingers
Encapsilating, planting, stir fry??? what are your plans ... or what did you do with yours?? I am dehydrating with lemon and ginger and encapsilating. Hope it will help with mood swings, anemia, and milk supply! please share
My water broke at 9 pm... we went on a long walk around the neighborhood, things really got moving around 2 am when I was in the shower... cotractions were 2 mins apart and getting to the point I almost was unable to stay on top of them. My sister (ob nurse) came over and checked my cervex... she said I was about an 8 and 70 % effaced. We then decided to head to the hospital. I listened to hypnobabies on the way there, which was really great to center myself again. We...
beautful belly!! I live in maui. an island in hawaii :) it is paradise. I went into labor that night!! just came home with my babe today :) benjamin allen weighing in at 5.5 and 18 inches.
 38 weeks yay!!
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