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I've done it. I don't make a practice of it, but it doesn't freak me out. I was in a birthing pool for several hours and my midwives sanctioned peeing in the pool.
Quote: Originally Posted by frog mamajama, I'm not transphobic. "Trans" does not a woman make. This is really offensive to me. You don't get to decide who is (or is not) a woman. It's great that you have done work on trans issues, but it feels odd to me that you would even care when you so clearly discount their experiences. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennifer3141 I support womyn who grow as little girls, who bleed,...
Known donor, fresh sperm, home insemination. We used a syringe and some tubing to deposit the 'sample' just inside my cervix. A midwife friend gave us a groovy clear plastic speculum with a light in it and taught us how to use it (note: speculums aren't sexy). I got pg on the second try, miscarried, got pg again on the first try. And I'm now looking at a gorgeous 4 year old boy.
That first shot is such a milestone!
Yeah, to be honest, mine isn't really gel, either. It doesn't separate like yours does (no rubber ), it's more soupy. ? But, it works.
Yeah, to be honest, mine isn't really gel, either. It doesn't separate like yours does (no rubber ), it's more soupy. ? But, it works.
I find it challenging to keep clean because the burners themselves need to be cleaned just about every time they're used. Is everyone else's stovetop like that, or is it our pans or something? The burners get brown stains on them that don't come off with just a swipe of the sponge, they need to be scrubbed off with the cleaner (well, now we'll try one of the more natural suggestions from this thread ). And if something like, oh... spaghetti sauce splatters onto the...
We bought one of these stoves, and my only beef with it is cleaning. My partner is the cook in the house and the stove is 'his' domain, so we have been cleaning it with the 'approved' cleaner. He is on-board with natural stuff, but we paid big bucks for this stove, yk? He is paranoid about screwing it up. But... I'm going to share this thread with him and see if we can find a solution. Thank you for doing all that research, Spastica!
Check the sticky at the top of the forum, annie - the laundry gel is the first recipe. And, I've used it in cold water with no problems. The dry soap recipe doesn't work so well in cold water unless you first dissolve it in some warm, but the gel works great.
fwiw, I didn't handle my partner being trans well at all at first, and it took me a lot longer than 4 months to get a handle on it. You're doing fine, crunchy.
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