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And yes I'm not one to spank at every turn.for everything they do wrong.I like both attachment parenting and positive parenting. I do Positive parenting and add in babywearing. She loves it at 2 months, no she has been spanked yet to young, she did yell when dad had her yesterday loudly so I heard her at othert end of house. mom mom mom. yes at 2 months. DH heard it to. very distict
  thanks. was going to leave. not because someone told me too but because of stress it caused. left FB for reasons similair. wont now. thanks  
so different people have different ways and opinions. We who spank are not abusive. yes there are those who are. just as there are those who don't spank are too abusive in not teaching child  rules. so we have different people with different parenting styles. and the world goes round and round and round........
that would be the problem, their not scared and in that situation I want them to understand the danger. they can turn tail and run so fast for Rd or other danger and not be able to catch them. Had a freind who just told her son not to go to Rd. used other methoids. They are both died because the kid did not understand how unsafe it is. He would be an adult today. his mom ran to road to catch him. they were hit by a trackor trailer.   I was spanked as a kid. I did me no...
have watch them sence i was 10 however with 2 month old and we got to bed at 8 im missing it this time  
21/2 months and counting  
i think its most important what ever you do to follow thru. i will use time out and spank onlywhen life threat...like running into RD.  
oh yah would love info on this too. 95 deg and she wants in moby.
on diff subject yet same.. a friends was telling us he was in mall the other day.. food court... someone was BF and people were giving dirty looks. Boy wish I had been there to see it. I would have sat down next to her and whipped it out and jioned her  just to make a point.how about a BF marithon to make a point to the world. like the colth diaper one just brfore my kid was born
I remember my sibs saying not to carry there kids when they wanted to be held. oh the insecurities in my family........how much better they would all be if someone had held them when they needed it.
New Posts  All Forums: