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Thanks so much for your help. I Pm-ed you.
We are moving from SC to Chicago in a few months and are trying to decide if it's worth it to hire professional movers or do it ourselves. My family has always done it ourselves, but I have a ten month old and just don't know if I can manage it. For those of you who've used professional movers, was it worth it? What company would you recommend? I don't want to get caught in a scam....
Hi mamas, My husband just got a job and we (him, me, and our 10 month old DS) will be relocating to Chicago this spring/summer. We are looking for a temporary place (1-2 years) to rent while getting to know the city and deciding where we'd like to buy. If possible, we'd like to rent close to his job so commuting can be kept to a minimum. His office is on W. Chicago, but east of the expwy. So, we were looking at Ukranian village and the surrounding areas. Can anyone...
I hear you about the boredom thing. I don't have quite the long hours you do, though. My DS just turned nine months this week, so his idea of playing is to crinkle paper and pull stuff down. I keep thinking it'll get easier as he grows up and can play more interactive, imaginary games. For now though, I try the best I can, which usually means several bursts of crinkle paper play of a couple minutes each. Oh, and I listen to a lot of books on CD, so that even if DS is...
Buddhamom, We live in Columbia, so I don't know too much about the small towns. I just wanted to say welcome to SC! If plans change and you come closer to Columbia, lemme know. Good luck!
Hello Danish mamas! My husband might be getting a job with the Denmark branch of Google, so we'd be in Copenhagen or Aarhus. We'd be going with my 12-18 month old son. Can you tell me a little about living there? What is housing like? Are there many SAHMs? What are living expenses like? What do most people do about education? I gather that English is spoken a lot, at least in the cities? What is the "national personality" like? For example, are people open or...
So, my dh, ds, and I have all been sharing a full bed since ds was born 8 months ago. At first it worked (we're all snugglers anyway). But now it's getting a bit cramped. We are trying to decide to get a queen or go all the way to king. Is the extra room in a king worth the extra money- and space? We live in a city apartment, so space really is an issue. If a king is worth it, what tips or tricks have you found to help with the lack of space?
Where did you get this awesome mattress?
Also, 4. What are the raw milk laws in Illinois? 5. What are the chicken laws in Chicago?
Hmm. What are the names of the groups specifically? I've joined a couple groups and nothing ever seems to go on. Maybe it's some FB setting thing... argh.  
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