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I'm 4months pp my stomach is completely flat. It does even out.
My 4 month old ds has patches of eczema on his legs and head. During breastfeeding he scratches either till it bleeds. He's not particularly fussy, gassy, dye free detergent. His ped thinks its a dairy allergy but I'm not convinced. He's had dry patches on his legs from birth that never went away. I'm wondering if its a skin allergy? Has anyone experienced this?
For me the idea that a man is looking at me sexually while I'm bf grosses me out. Its like part of me wants to scream "I'm feeding my baby jerk!!!!!" That in a nutshell is the core of why I'm uncomfortable.
Thank you mamazee!!! Curious if anyone has similar or worst experiences? Women don't stare like men do. I don't know if its just there and they can't help it?? What do you think?
An update over the weekend we went on a roadtrip. My options were to bf in a very hot car or on a somewhat discreet bench. The thought of my baby starving kinda trumped my own insecurity. Though a creepy guy kept hanging around I did it anyway. Guess for me it depends on the area.
Out of curiosity why request your records? I had two emergency cesareans and never thought about this. Very interesting.
Yes exactly. Just wanted to make sure you and baby are ok.
. I apologize I only have the best intentions at heart.
[quote name="Backroads To me, it seems dangerous to trust yourself to fight back a temper when you feel it rising. [/quote] I know how you are feeling please bring this up with your ob or even the pediatrician. Before you act out on your anger it happened to me. I wish for myself that the first time I felt those feelings that instead of feeling ashamed. I would have sought help. Its hard to be surrounded by "perfect" moms as I perceived. Reality is no one is perfect...
I'm the complete opposite I won't let my baby cry. Laundry, cooking etc can wait imho. What I do is the "put me down and I will scream test." I soothe either by breastfeeding, holding then wait till ds is happy content to be put down. If you feel like you will hurt your baby put her/him down walk away. Call your ob ask for a referral for help. There are free services that will come to your house and help you. Best of luck I know its hard sometimes.
New Posts  All Forums: