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I had my insurance company call the billing department. They resolved the matter for me. This was after multiple calls and emails that went no where. Billing departments are just not that motivated to issue refunds IMO.
I breast fed my first till he was 27MO and now my 3MO. I schedule my day around my first DS bowel movements and now breastfeeding my 3MO. I hate the cover when its hot I feel like he's ten times hotter under that. I refuse to use it. At the doctors office it doesn't faze me to breastfeed in front of male dr's/medical staff. Out in public it embarassess me and it ridiculous to feel that way. I'm just feeding my baby. What did you do to overcome this ridiculous fear?
When dh is watching a movie and its violent or excessive curse words. I immediately move my DS to another room. I'm not an angel I have hit my ds in the past and not one day goes by that I don't regret it or feel like a horrible person. Today thanks to talking to other moms and a therapist. I am able to not "go there" walk away if needed. I think you should help and set an example of how effective gentle discipline works vrs hitting.
Any chance is their another family member that can help? Its a tough situation and I feel for the both of you. I hope everything works itself out.
Op here notice in both of my posts that I did not bash nor insult anyone. However pp's have bashed me for what? You don't know my reasons I never stated that I am against those who don't vaccinate their children. Funny that I can't make a simple point or ask a question without being bashed.
This is not a bash against those who refuse to vaccinate their children. I respect your viewpoint. This respect should be mutual. I propose a bracelet identification for each child that is not vaccinated. Like example neon green bracelets. Personally I would like to know.
Don't take this as a judgement. I respect those who don't vaccinate for their stance against it. A question vax are a part of modern medicine right? Then why see a doctor? IMO it would be unnecessary since they will prescribe medications for whatever ailment. Those that refuse vax also refuse antibiotics etc. What is your stance on this?
I have a very bright and rambunctious 3YO DS that loves being active. Unfortunately we end up leaving fun places kicking and screaming. I thought we turned a corner he responded well to 20min warning followed by an alarm set on my cell phone and a transitional place/event I.e watch trains, bake cookies etc. Today he called my bluff refused to leave I had my infant in his carrier. One handed dragged my 3Yo on the ground he refused to leave the place was closing up. ...
In order to nurse your body produced prolaction which zaps your sex drive. But in my case no issues producing milk and a sex drive that rivals a man. I still have the dryness effect but that is solved by lube.
Mom0810 I'm not adopted but estranged from my entire family for almost ten years. I am not in your circumstance but respect your stance 100 percent. There is no emotion here that is what is confusing from the replies. IMO when things don't align with one's POV or societies then it must be flawed and attacked. A mother is only there to give birth its the baby who grows into an adults choice as to what relationship she/he wants. The minute the mother regardless of...
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