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Who does this?!?!?! Am I the ONLY one who thinks this is all wrong?!  When the horse bucks off it's adult rider what do you think happens to them?  Broken spines, dislocated hips the list gets worse here.  What do you think would happen to your toddler??    Just don't do it wait till she is much much older why risk her life or quality of it?   
Shanesmom---You haven't offended me feel free to always speak your mind regardless of public opinion.  My DH was big on hitting the walls, smashing things or swearing very loud when he's angry.  He's stopped with the throwing and hitting walls.  I'm still working with him to NOT swear for one but to scream out in anger. That is proving to be a challenge.  I don't believe the 2 are connected though I feel that DH can influence him.  I found the most important thing to...
Agreed!  thank you for the suggestions!  What a way to take the edge off of me on the verge of screaming but bottling it fuming.  What a great way to talk myself off the cliff while teaching my DS not to angry pee on the floor. 
OP here.  I appreciate everyone's opinions with that being said I don't condone spanking nor will I ever lay one hand on my child.  I don't believe in punishing a toddler simply because he/she is behaving emotionally.  What I do feel strongly on is redirecting, explanation of emotions as they are happening.      Also in response to "no" or "don't touch this/that."  An example is dvd's.  For the life of me and ever since my DS started crawling he made a bee line...
I'm looking for tips to help my DS express his anger.  He is potty training and does so well except when he is angry......... He started angry peeing a month ago. He hasn't yet developed enough words to express his feelings or why he is upset/angry.  I'm trying to figure out outlets that will help him express it.  What have you tried?   What I have tried: Once his tantrums subside:  "I'm sorry your angry because of x,y,z" I started using his drawing pad to draw...
I'm sorry I can't offer any sort of advice.  I am in a similar circumstance as you are.  My DH was at his last job for 6 years before that it's been checkered.  I know exactly how you are feeling.  I don't look at him the same anymore in fact I hate him.  My marriage is a complete unbearable struggle.  Everyone is quick to say "it gets better" "don't worry marriage has it's bumps"  Great but when one or both don't work towards a resolution then there is no getting...
For the past month my 24MO DS has developed an unwelcome skill.  He doesn't wear a diaper at home but is pretty reliable using his potty.  When he becomes upset or angry he pees and it's irritating.  What does one do in this circumstance?
A little background started EC'ng my DS at 15MO.  Now he is consistent in using the potties.  Recently he's discovered that if he becomes upset he can force himself to pee?!?!  Has anyone experience this?  What did you do?  Is this just a wow look what I can do phase to be ignored?
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