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  Hiking with my 9-month old in Olympic National Forest!  
I have been to the Barefoot Books website and I love their books en espanol! I would love to get "Un alce, veinte ratones" for my baby Armando!
My parents (and my in-laws) are environmentally responsible in many ways. They recycle, compost, cloth diapered, reduce energy use, etc. The biggest change I have made is to strive to have everything in our house be reusable. No plastic baggies, saran wrap, tin foil, etc. I am almost down to zero paper towels (this is the hardest one - esp for cleaning the bathroom LOL). We make one small wastebasket worth of trash a week - for two adults and a baby. This is almost...
So many things to choose from!   I love the long extended hugs, how he is so cozy he usually falls asleep, how light I am on my feet rather than encumbered by a stroller, and how he experiences the world upright and at eye level, just like grown-up humans.
Fashion or Function?   Whenever I'm tempted to buy new things - and that happens all the time! - I ask myself if I'm motivated by fashion or function.   When it's just fashion, I see if I can try and remodel the things I do have - a little paint, decoupage, a bleach design on fabric. Beauty is important in life, but you don't need to buy new to get it. When it's function, I ask myself how necessary the new function is. Can I buy a needed item used? Get creative...
I taught for years in a public school.   While I did my best in the situation, and tried to do my best by my students, there are so many disadvantages to having a room filled with heterogeneous learners. The pace of learning, the amount of time wasted, the negative socialization along with the positive...   Why homeschool? So you can give your child the best, personalized education possible.
I have a facebook page for my business, and facebook makes it pretty convenient to toggle between the two - they call it using different "voices". I'm not sure if it would keep your personal info completely private or not, but it's something you could try to see if it works.
There is so much action over on the FB page and so little action here. If anyone is still monitoring this, come on over the FB group!
The Beco is so much cuter than the Ergo! I wish I had a Beco now too :) Plus it does the forward facing without a hack, right?   I'm definitely saving the Moby for my next newborn, as it rocked until Armie was about 13lbs, 8ozs (maybe this was the issue, Ninetales?).   I never felt secure in the sling.
WOW. This! This is the best way to express what I've been struggling with lately - regarding my decision to stay home for a while, my attitude towards my child, parenting, breastfeeding - you name it. Thanks for putting it so clearly into words.   How do we achieve balance? How do we both nurture our children appropriately for them and also realize our own potential?   Maybe this needs it's own thread.
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