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All I have to say is stay away from Morristown OBGYN, I've had a horrible experience!!! i was pregnant not too long ago and lost my child. I had questions about my allergies and called the office multiple times, never got a call back. I finally went back to find out that my child's heartbeat stopped. Even when I finally had to schedule a DNC the staff was just unattentive and rude. I called the office ones before to find out what is happening to me since I was in a lot...
Thanks, I worried but I think it's rather common.
Yesterday, after going to the gym, I notice bright pink, after going to the bathroom. Did anyone else experience any of that? I did not have any cramping or blood coming out but will talk to my doctor about it tomorrow. I not sure if exercising was the cause.
I just had my first doc's visit. I'm about 6 weeks and feel pretty normal. No sickness just very tired. I continue going to the gym 3 times a week to keep me in a good shape and my blood pressure low. Going back in two weeks for more tests and to find out my due date.
There aren’t many studies as to Echinacea and pregnancy. Most doctors say to avoid any herbal supplements, especially during the first trimester. I would avoid it…
Thank you! I'm actually in WO so W. Caldwell would probably work best. I wasn't sure if I need a midwife but I guess I will give it a try, it could only help, right? All I seem to panic about is getting to the hospital on time once my water bakre :)
My prayers are with you!
Thank you! Will I be able to hear a heartbeat at my first appointment? What should I expect?
Thanks! What is usually happening at an initial appointment? Were you able to hear a heartbeat?  
hi:) This is a first for me as well. I just took a test last Friday so this is a whole new world to me. My first appointment is on the 15th and I cannot wait! I need to know or get my confirmation that I am pregnant and know that everything is ok. It doesn't seem real yet, well it does but it doesn't :) Question for the rest of you here: should I take my husband to my first appointment?
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