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Don't freak out :)  If you have someone who can be there with baby, just nurse right before class so baby won't be hungry and go to class.  Most classes are less than 2 hours and if it's longer, you'll have a break - even a newborn can last 1.5 - 2 hours occasionally especially with a competant caregiver.  Your caregiver can give baby a pinky or a binky to keep him happy until you are out of class.  If it's isolated to classtime and you're nursing 100% of the time...
Quote: Canada is only a few hours on a plane away from anywhere. Look at how fast swine flu spread. What "swine flu"? http://articles.mercola.com/sites/ar...-Pandemic.aspx
I'm not plus size and I'm not a prude, but if I had a magic wand neither LB or Victoria's Secret would have half-naked women strutting around on TV. It is titillating commercials like these (and previews of upcoming shows that are too violent or sexual in nature for my young children) that we don't have cable anymore.
I don't think you'll be signing up for Medi-cal, but a program called AIM. It's for women who are already pregnant, but don't have insurance. I don't think the same asset standards apply to AIM. Good luck and congratulations!
I found that I really needed very little when I was out with baby. For example, at the grocery store I simply put my credit card and my id in my pocket or the zipper of my ERGO and put baby in my carrier. Diaper changes were a non issue for the most part, but if I needed to change a diaper I could always just go back to the car as easily as use the bathroom at the grocery store - so I'd keep several diapers and a thing of wipes in the center console of my car. I...
Yes but I live in San Diego
Quote: But, left to her own devices she would easily read this paragraph aloud over my shoulder and maybe only stumble on "suspicion". Your papagraph is WELL beyond kinder level (like 2nd or 3rd grade) and I wouldn't waste another day without meeting with the principal to discuss making accommodations for your dd.
I love the dishcloth idea and have done it a few times while I was experimenting with knitting and purling and switching back and forth to make different "patterns". Never thought to do it with the other knitting techniques I hope to learn. Thanks for the idea! A month ago all I could do was washcloths and now I have completed these 2 different...
Why is she on antibiotics? Fever, cough . . . sounds like a virus, like maybe the flu that everyone is so totally freaked out about. No need for antibiotics there, since they won't help clear up a virus. We've just gotten over a similar illness here. The cough lasts for like 3 weeks too. The fever, off and on, for 9 day with my dd8 and dd3.5.
Quote: "During a pertussis outbreak in Ohio, 82 percent of younger children stricken with the disease had received regular doses of the vaccine." Source: New England Journal of Medicine (July 7, 1994): 16-20. Sure, but these kids eventually come down with pertussis. I guess I got thrown off of the idea of walking around being a potential disease spreader because you are more likely to catch a VPD (and be contagious) if you aren't vaccinated vs....
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