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This is an awesome question/ concern and I'm glad you posted it. I am partially Korean and partially caucasian . My husband is caucasian (a mix of numerous things). However, my daughter is from when I was a single parent and she is quite darker than both of us. Her hair and eyes are nearly black and her skin is a lovely tan all year long. Her biological father was Mexican. Now that I'm married and having my second child, I have concerns... I know this second child of...
Thank you so much! Your words are great comfort. :)  
I'm due the 14th but with back labor and contractions all week long, I am so ready for this baby's arrival this weekend. I'm not sure if the supermoon will help, but it is a hopeful thought. :D  
I'm 38 weeks pregnant, with my due date on May 14th. I've had labor pains all week long and I'm expecting to go into labor anytime now... I'm unsure if it's the late pregnancy that's getting to me, or if it's my depression resurfacing... But I can't help but be scared and worried. I'm so full of emotions and anxieties that I don't know what to do with myself... or where to place them. I have a five year old daughter, and this will be my second child. With my first born...
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