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I am glad my post helped you understand the serious nature of a food allergy, micah_mae_.
I have a 22 year old daughter & I recall the PB allergic kids eating by themselves in a peanut-free room in elementary school. I also recall sending peanut-free treats for her birthday to share. It didn't bother me to do this - and I didn't think much of it. Last month our 18 month old was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. After reading the literature from the doctor about this allergy, I understand the need for peanut-free environments for elementary/preschool...
Yes! This is normal for a breastfed baby. My first daughter I bottled fed, & my second daughter I breastfed. The constant eating had me worried I was doing something wrong. But she grew just like she should & grew SO fast. Whatever her age, I had her in double the size clothes. You are doing it right. Don't worry. Just protect those nipples! They could get real sore with all the nursing. Try to nap if you can. I couldn't. I slept for longer spurts the 2nd month. It is...
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