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Did I change my username and write this post!?
okay!Maybe this just happens to me but it seems every time I take the baby out in public(which isn't often)people touch his hands at the very least.One lady asked to hold him once!And some guy at an event we went to in October apparently tried to kiss his arm!!DH was holding him and the guy bent down so DH stepped back,not realizing what the guy was doing but then he did it again and DH stepped back again...DH didn't tell me until we had left.I was SO mad.   Am I alone...
we don't have a whole foods.   which rainbow light do you take,apeydef?
We don't really video game but we are considering getting one for Christmas.I think we could use it on occasion on days when we are stuck inside and I'm hoping to maybe get a workout game.Anyway,how concerned should I be about the camera/sensor thing?Does it HAVE to be connected to the internet?You guys are probably going to think I'm crazy lol but I worry about hackers and that stuff...
Thanks for  the reply!!I decided to let it wait for a couple of years last night!
We have an Olympus we got several years ago but apparently the memory card for it is obsolete.I want something to capture ds2's first Christmas. I don't plan on being a photographer,so just something simple.Less than $150 probably.Any suggestions?
Hi mamas!I'm Samantha and I'm a married SAHM to 2 boys ages 6(well,6 in January)and 7 months!!
My 7 month old is ebf and nurses a lot(esp at night).I quit my prescription vitamin shortly after birth.If I need to take something,I'd like something more natural.
I was all ready to order ds1(6) a model train set for Christmas.DH has 1 and he has played with it a time or 2.He loves trains and has wooden ones.Last night,I found out that model trains apparently have lead in them and now I don't want to buy it!!Am I overreacting?FWIW,we also have a baby.
I just bought 2 pair.They are having an $18 sale until Sunday.
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