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I usually don't spend much,especially on clothing but I need Christmas pj's.I know most of their pj's are made in Peru.Are they worth the money?
thanks!I asked about darts because I contacted BH and they said the OhSnap had them.I would check TBW but I'm having technical issues with the site!
I know this is an old thread but any thoughts on these dishes?we have several pieces of Anchor Hocking bakeware,measuring cups,etc and are thinking about adding dishes.
FWIW,Ds1(6)apparently stepped on something last summer and ended up in the hospital with STAPH.Long story short,I didn't see a wound thus didn't clean it and he didn't get tetanus.He has only had 2 hepb vaxes.   I worry 2 but know that breastfeeding helps and we homeschool.When it comes down to it,I feel better NOT vaxing.
Anyone have one?do you like it?what are seat darts?   I'm really thinking about getting one but I contacted BH and they said the body is 16"wide.My baby has really short legs so I am concerned. We have a WAHM MT and it's 14.5 wide.Not sure what to do...
haha I loved troll dolls!And I had garbage pail kid cards too but don't remember them stinking.   Speaking of malfunctioning toys..I was in my teens by then  but my sister had a furby that she left in the back window of the car and it must have overheated or something because it's eyes got stuck halfway open and it would make this creepy 'uhhhhhhh' sound lol
Older ds is almost 6   What do you mean about Maple Landmark having horrible customer support?this makes me sad..I was going to buy several things from there.
I ended up giving him potato(before adding anything)and a green bean.He just played with it and made a mess lol which is what I expected him to do!
I have 2 boys.1 is almost  6 and the other will be almost 8 months at Christmas.I'm starting to stress...this is the 1st year I've tried to cut out plastics,MIC,etc..I don't want to get a ton but the more ideas,the better!   What I've settled on so far: For baby- Uncle Goose Blocks brown bear book hungry caterpillar book pajamas diaper covers snowsuit I'm needing another toy or 2..the only things he has right now is a starbright giraffe and lifefactory...
ds2 will be 7 months on the 7th and we plan to give him his first foods on Thanksgiving(tomorrow).What do I need to know?What is okay for him to have?With ds1(almost 6yo),we did cereal a little and a few purees and then just gave him regular foods.It was so long ago and we didn't do regular foods from the beginning so I'm a little intimidated here.Help??TIA!!
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