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I recently bought a shampoo that is made of neem oil,black soap,lavender and lemongrass..is this ok to use while ttc/pg?? I also have bar made of peppermint and tto...anyone know if this is safe??   Sorry if these questions are silly..I don't know much about essential oils and ttc/pregnancy
Liqzierda   It's good to hear from like-minded people and to know that I am not crazy and I'm not alone. Thanks guys
see,this was a misconception I had.We have never travelled out of the country,but I assumed that my son would have to have certain vaxes if we ever did.Glad to know I'm apparently wrong!
I'm super new here but I recently went through an incident that I can't seem to get over completely...   I deleted my facebook today.I had been thinking about it anyway but I was just tired of being upset and or/my feelings hurt by  people I would otherwise have no contact with.   The most recent incident was with a friend of mine who is pregnant and commented she was going to vaccinate her baby(which is fine with me,I've been trying really hard to not push my...
Thanks for replying!I did look up that it's a category C and I don't like that! And I've been considering benefits vs risks..still considering lol I may wait and see when I actually get pregnant,what my the midwife I want to see says.
Hi!I'm new here and am wanting to ttc for #2.Anyone know anything about Labetalol??I'm told it's "safe" but I hate taking anything while pregnant.I take it for high blood pressure and only take 100 mg a day. I'm supposed to take 100 mg twice a day but it lowers my bp too low.I know high bp isn't anything to mess with,especially during pregnancy.Anyone out there have any insight?
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