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I'm nearby with littles (3 under 6yrs) and feel very much the same. PM me if you want to get together. 
I haven't asked about xrays, but I have had good experiences with Roberta Dosh in Burtonsville. She is very nice and works well with my whole family. 
I'd like to know too. We've been looking since we moved here three years ago and still haven't found a good fit! I hope you have better luck! If you do, please share ​
Aravinda, Would you mind sharing the contact info for the herbal coop or peacewagers coop if you have it? I can't seem to find any other info and this is the first I've heard of them.    Inthethicket, we plan to homeschool next year in MD. I've talked to a few other homeschool families in the area that are much more structured, but they all advised taking pictures of various projects and activities and providing a written account of how this met the subject area for the...
Thank you everyone. I am becoming more confident by the day that this is the right path for us. Reading these forums has been extremely helpful to me.
I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you ever found/ started a group? We are in the area and looking too.
I'm in the same boat. I think we are going to wait even though I think my son would rather stop going now. I want to keep the option of returning to this school and I am worried it might burn bridges to pull him out. There is no big reason to take him out now. It just isn't a good fit for him. He isn't miserable. I am also looking at this summer as a kind of trial period because I have never homeschooled before and know only what I have read. The summer break seems to be...
Thanks. I'm in Montgomery County, Maryland. Didn't realize I was in the wrong place! I will check out the other section. 
Thank you for the replies! I've been looking for a group to join without much luck. I have asked to join several yahoo groups but haven't been approved yet. I know they are out there! We will find one eventually! Miranda- Thank you. So true and well put!
Just started having the boys (6 and 3) help with the dishes again. They empty the dishwasher together and everyone is responsible for getting their own dishes into the dishwasher. I do any other daytime dishes and my husband does the nightly round up (which is usually pretty minimal if we haven't slacked during the day ).
New Posts  All Forums: