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We don't eat enough fish in my house, but I view it like I view practically every other food and drink. If I am eating it the babe can to if she wants. All of my kids had breastmilk as their main source of food until they chose to eat more on their own (for my almost two year old she still gets the majority of calories from breastmilk) so I have never worried about pushing the right kind of solids.
Quote: Originally Posted by TinyMama DH is a first year teacher? Poor guy. At this time of year, I would never put more pressure on him by asking him to spend overnight with a possibly inconsolable toddler. Yeah, I know he's the father. But this is different from leaving her for a few hours on a Saturday--an overnight with a nursing baby is something only mama is equipped for. Just my opinion. Obviously I am in a different situation...
Quote: Originally Posted by zeldabee Haven't read the whole thread--anyone mention Chocolate Skittles? OMGz. My sister actually bought a packet on a recent road trip together. Unbelievable. I tasted one, and had to spit and rinse my mouth. Sprogly and my sister both had the same reaction. I have not tried them but I saw them the other day and they freaked me out. I had to go tell DH because they looked so gross.
Yeah, I agree. DD3 is truly the most demanding baby/tot of all of my three (more demanding than any other child I know actually). She still nurses every hour at 21 months and I get so tired of it. Not nursing her would be hours/days/weeks/months of unpleasantness for her, me, and our entire family.
I have the Paragard IUD. I would prefer NFL but I don't trust myself (Hello lovely DD3!) and right now there is no room in my life for error. I like it well enough. Of course I'd rather not have anything, but right now I really need to avoid getting pregnant.
I also have felt decreased supply after a year, even with DD3 who literally nurses about 2 times an hour at 21 months. I saw a study about a year ago that tested BM of mom's with infants and those with toddlers. The BM produced for infants had more water, and the BM produced for toddlers had more fat. That is probably because babies over 12 months are experimenting with fluids/foods naturally and are getting their water elsewhere. Their mothers' bodies are still making...
Do you eat a lot of meat/ little veggies? Because when I went veggie I had gas something fierce for a month or so. It was just my GI tract adjusting to that amount of fiber. Now that I eat almost exclusively, beans, fruits veggies, and whole grains gas is not the problem. I am not saying cut out meat completely. However, maybe increasing the amount of plant foods if you don't get a whole bunch may help.
Quote: Originally Posted by odenata I'm a bigger fan of Giada. Yes, but I am sure Giada has had classical training. Not to sound snobbish but one of my issues with RR is that she has never been to culinary school. I have even heard her say thet you shouldn't salt water because it will slow down boiling. I learned in 10th grade that sodium causes water to boil faster. I am not saying that people lacking culinary training can't make delicious...
I don't like many of her recipes, but I think her pallette is very different from mine. None of them have tasted bad, I just didn't enjoy them. OTOH, her stovetop spinach dip is complicated but AMAZING! The wine is important, don't leave it out. I only make it every once in a while because I can't stop eating it.
My mom BFed me until I was three (Yay mom!) and most of my friends don't have kids (or were BFers themselves) so for the most part they think I am a typical mom. I am pretty wierd in general but they don't think it has much to do with my abilities as a mom.
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