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How old is your babe? When DD3 was still nursing throughout the night I would get awful pelvic pain. As an older baby (9 months +) I would sleep on the couch. I could push the cushions away from the couch about an inch and sleep right next to the back it would tilt me just so, especially with a pillow against my back. However, I certainly wouldn't recommend this to someone cosleeping with a young infant.
Do you have any suggestions? I am looking for a beverage that has some flavor to it, but little to no calories. I tried having a few diet sodas because I really wanted something other than water (I know that is really bad) and I am having allergic reactions to aspartame. Itching and welts all over my body. Not a shock considering that aspartame is poison, but I really wanted a soda. Unfortunately I can't find any sodas with stevia and I am so sick of iced tea with stevia....
Are the exclamation marks expressing my confusion and anxiety? I would love to homeschool. My oldest child at least does not want to go to school (tried at the beginning of the year but she is very sensitive and had headaches most days, not fair to her). She has a genuine desire to discover and learn so I am not worried about her. However, I am a full time psychology student and I work in our school's child development lab (LOVE IT!) and DH has a full time job. We do...
Are you eating more fruits, beans and veggies? When I went vegetarian I had awful gas for about a month before my GI track adjusted to the change.
For those that are/have taken probiotics, I have a question. Recently I started taking probiotics due to a stomach virus that destroyed my GI functioning. After several weeks they have obviously helped. Should I just continue the probiotics until I run out, or is taking them all the time a better idea?
I am so not a fan of TomKat. However, have you seen the glowing effervescence that has become Katie Holmes lately? She didn't get that way eating Big Macs. Why would she do anything but feed Suri the same way that she eats? Totally OT but I wonder how Katies feels about the insanity that is her husband. Oh gawd, his crazy laugh! I can't stand it!
My doctor or some other "authority figure" saying it in a misogynistic way? Hate it! The older gentleman who sings Italian love songs, gives my kids suckers, and calls me honey at my local grocery store? Love it. And he really exists. I love it when he bags my groceries.
Quick update. Actually I had it MUCH easier than I expected. In the next class she asked us to write down what was good about the test, bad about the test, what we could have done to prepare better, and what she could have done. I wrote down that I am sure it wasn't intentional but that question was potentially racist and I didn't think it was a good representative of ED. Other than that it is my easiest class. Life is crazy, I missed lectures, and I got almost no time to...
I have been having some disturbing health symptoms. Between giving birth to 3 kids in 4 years (all exactly 2 years apart), tandem nursing all of my girls, extreme sleep deprivation, working part time for about a year until six months ago, and full time school I am more than a little exhausted and unhealthy. My symptoms are mostly ear, nose, throat. My ears are constantly crusty and weepy on the inside. My sinuses swell and there is always a little blood when I blow my...
I was weaned at 3yo, so while technically not CLW I feel amazingly lucky. By that point it wasn't overly difficult to wean me anyway. My very first memory is of nursing to sleep. I remember a little milk drooling down my cheek and something about that seemed to spark a neuron to make a memory because that is what I remember the most. I remember feeling warm and happy.
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