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Three, it may stay that way, we might have one more. Who knows?
No way! If you guys eat meat occasionally while out she will have exposure to it at some point anyway if she chooses to eat it. But I don't see the point if you eat no meat in your home/dining out in restaurants, etc. There is no need to be contrived in your childs diet. Eating comes naturally.
Quote: Originally Posted by MommytoTwo I think so so much of it is nature ... my son is so similar to my DH in certain ways that it is almost creepy. And my daughter...sigh... the stubbornness (sp)... thats all me right there. I think you can enhance (for lack of a better word) or damage a child..but I think the basic framework for personality is all there already. Not to be arguementative but who is to say that they didn't learn those traits...
My kids' sexuality is none of my business. If they are happy and leading productive lives of their choice, I will be happy.
Some herbs taste naturally sweet. My favorite tea is Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings. It's Chai without black tea. It is delicious and naturally sweet.
Raw milk? Fish oils, avocado, and other non-dairy fats. IMO, 16 months is way too young to not worry about fats.
I saw stevia advertised as a sweetener at Lowes Foods. Did some law change and I didn't know it? If so, woohoo! Wouldn't be much longer until stevia sweetened soda is available. I could drink soda!
Quote: Originally Posted by Inci I think of it as nature AND nurture, instead of nature vs. nurture, because it's pretty impossible to measure the effect of one in isolation. Although, it's interesting to learn about feral children... Google it! Children raised in the wild by animals (very rare, of course) don't even seem very human, which indicates that the effects of nurture might be stronger than we think. ITA! Without nurture our...
I don't have any doubt that nature plays a large role in human development. However, I think that it is good to think objectively about that show. They certainly didn't pick the twins that were living completely different lives, and I'm sure they minimized the differences between the twins they featured. IMO, I think there is a good balance between nature and nurture. Doesn't make for very interesting TV though.
When I had a humidifier it got moldy pretty quickly. A vaporizer did a great job and no mold problem.
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