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I'm a busy gal. Nothing in the house, toys included, gets washed if it isn't dirty. I mean, with 3 kids under 6, everything gets dirty. The toys get dirty the least.
"If you catch a glimpse you are looking to closely in the first place." Amen to that!
Please! You did spend money on the gift, You just didn't realize it was a gift at the time.
IMO from a health perspective you are probably best off with a mixed breed that you have researched and fits the needs of your family. We adopted a husky mix, although he might qualify as an Alsakan Husky which is not classified as an official breed. They are prone to good health as they aren't bred to meet breed standards but to be strong, healthy workers. However, huskies are prone to food stealing and running away, but luckily we researched that before we brought him...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 Ooops. I was actually thinking of my partner's neice, who turned one this month and is still riding around in the bucket and being taken into places and left in it (awake). I usually just transfer my little guy into a stroller if he's sleeping and we're going into a store or restaurant. It's definitely a nice break, to eat without being climbed on! I was just messin' with you. I totally...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 Just get them out of the bucket by a year, and I won't judge you. When 17 mo dd is sleeping and we are dining out or shopping we will put her in the bucket. We keep it in the trunk for that purpose.
For me, I wouldn't, but my kids have never shown any interest in the windows and are almost always downstairs with me. Otherwise I absolutely would. You know if you need it.
Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers I think a locked bedroom door is like a locked bathroom door. Sometimes you just NEED to be alone, wink wink nudge nudge. Maybe she's masturbating!!! ITA, at 17 I definately needed to have autonomy and control over my personal space. If there is a safety issue usually there are tools that work to unlock doors, maybe keep one nearby in case of emergency. Other than that, at 17, IMO a locked door is...
Nope, I'm the exact opposite. I've felt about 40 since I was a teen. I'm finally starting to embrace being young (28) so I don't feel like I missed out.
I always trap spiders and release them. I'll chuck indoor spiders into the garage so they don't die and do their job out there. However, a black widow (or brown recluse would be more likely where I live) I would kill. If I threw them outside they would just manage to find there way either back into my house or into a neighbors. I couldn't do that.
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