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This is very serious people! How dare you joke. I insist that any potato I consume be treated ethically and allowed a happy life.
I voted other, I would want to clean it up. It depends on how physically ill I was. If I am puking in public I don't know that I would be capable, esp. since I would probably be alone with 3 kids under 6. Also, there most likely wouldn't be cleaning supplies available to me. Any good establishment isn't going to hand cleaning supplies to an ill customer and have them clean it up. That is not good business. Having worked as an underling and in a management capacity in...
I don't think I look crunchy. I prefer to dress simply, yet sleek and stylish, although i don't put too much effort into dressing. I do have my nose and eyebrow pierced which throws people off. People often are surprised that my three babes are actually mine. I prefer pants and dark colors, black and jewel tones, so I don't look like a "hippy", although I love the style of my friends that do. It's just not me, whatever that is.
My dog likes to sneak clumps of cat litter, poop or pee. It's disgusting.
Truthfully? Day to day, with a messy house, and often with meals that don't fit my standards. As long as everyone is fairly well groomed, well-fed, engaged, and feels loved - SUCCESS!
It is looking like my family is going to have an au pair type of situation for a few months. We need help with childcare as I will be working in the child development lab at my school at least ten hours a week and my sister needs a place to stay for a few months. I want to make sure that all rules are worked out before she moves in so that everyones needs are met. For those that have experience with situations like this what sort of things do we need to discuss and work...
In regards to goldfish growing to the size of their tanks, well they do but their lifespan if given plenty of room is 15-20 years! At least! A goldfish has been documented to have lived for 40 years! They can grow to be 10-14 inches. A 5 gallon tank is not appropriate for a goldfish. How about some guppies or platies?
Lots of MSG? Seriously that might be it. Have you tried adding your seasonings to the rice before it is cooked? sauteeing fresh onions/spices, then cooking the rice with them? Personally, at this point I hate boxed rice though I used to love it. I think it has to do with getting used to homecooked foods and learning to utilize ingrediants/spices. processed foods are gross to me now, but I used to like them.
Dahl and honey baked lentils are delicious. I also just like to cook some lentils and then add them to tomatoes and spices.
We have many a day like this, our life can be very hectic. And I don't think that dressing an unwilling almost 2yo is as cut and dry as just slapping some clothes on them. It will just come right back off many times unless you are pulling out the duct tape.
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