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My kids won't take vitamins. They play with them and then I find them under the bed. Anyone have any advice on good tasting vits that aren't gummy bears or bubble gum? Where can I find green powder? As for kids not liking veggies, another reason is that kids tastebuds are much more powerful. They just taste the bitter taste of greens and some other foods much more strongly than adults do. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that bitter=poison and a growing child...
It has antioxidants and a mild laxative effect. And it tastes yummy. What better way to start off the day? Seriously though, in moderation coffee is like anything else, including wine and beer. Good for you! It's overconsuming and becoming addicted that's the problem.
I answered number 6 although my kids are 3(almost 4) and 18 months so there is a limited amount that they can do. DD1 is expected to clean up her messes and get her own snacks when she can. My mil thinks I'm just being mean. However, I do believe that kids should have responsibilities in the family and as they get older my expectations will increase for them. It's our job to take care of each other.
Cheesey quesadillas (sp?) and some sauteed cabbage (well that part wasn't so bad) tonight.
I just remembered I read some interview right after she had the babe (don't know what magazine) and she referred to her first BFing in public incidence, and how she was so nervous and her PP hormones were crazy, and she just felt like crying. I thought that was so touching because I remember being a first time mom and not knowing how to deal with all the big firsts. I thought it was sweet she'd talk about.
She has to make up for Katie who will probably be feeding her child some homemade barley formula. Free Katie!
I saw a blinky that said "Momma to a FF, circumcised, cosleeping baby." I was just sorta left scratching my head. Was she trying to prove that she was a little crunchy. I don't know.
As I said in my other post, I just converted back to vegetarianism a week ago. I fell of the wagon in the first tri and am almost twenty weeks now. I was very sick for the first almost four months but the M/S tapered off about a month ago. Well now, after a week meat free I've thrown up the last three mornings. It's not a virus, I have no other symptoms and I feel better by afternoon. I'm really sure it's diet related, but from what. I'm sure I'm getting enough protien,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti Whey are they certain that we'll get an epidemic? That is very political. They've worked on it for years. It was SARS not too long ago but that didn't pan out.... IMO, it's all about the pharm industry. Hmmm....how do we get people to buy stock in the company that produces Tamiflu(sp?)? Scare people!
I third the suggestion of special outings. She will most likely grow out of this. At three DD1 would only want me for all things, now at almost four, it's almost "mommy who?" She won't even hold my hand to cross the street. If DH's hands are full, she'd rather hold his pocket. If she has to go somewhere with just me, she whines for dad. These are all just phases.
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