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 I knew hemp was great but didn't know that its fast growing and denseness allowed it to push out other weeds and eliminate a need for pesticides.
I'd like to join. I haven't been on Mothering for quite a while but DS is 12 months now and I am ready to have another little squish! I am hoping to catch the first egg. DS has just started eating solids in a regular way so I'm hoping that might help with the return of my fertility.
Thanks! We will be living in Avondale, just outside the city. We are bringing our chickens so needed to find a more rural place. I am totally nervous about the climate. Where I live its like 40-65 year round so I have barely any summer clothes...I guess thats an excuse to go shopping! I'm planning to homeschool as well so I'm not too worried about schools. We leave on the 31st...It's going to be interesting travellingwith a baby, two cats, and chickens! 
Thanks, I'll check out Dr. Simony. I am currently in a super small town so I think I cna handle it and I sure hope I need a midwife while I'm living there :).
lol! Cause the baby live off your milk somehow..
I am moving to Pueblo from CA in about a month and don't know much about the area. If anyone is from there or has been there and would like to tell me anything that comes to mind about the area I would be so thankful! Also, does anyone have nay referrals for good, selective/delay vax friendly pediatricians? TIA!
I think it can be regional. I am from Virginia and wouldn't be surprised to see spanking in public, as well as any southern state. I now live in northern California and would be shocked to see someone hit their child in public here. If someone did they would probably be a tourist and make a complete spectacle of themself. It wouldn't be a matter of if someone intervened or commented on it, it would be  matter of who got there first.
Hi I saw this post a while ago but hadn't started the pill yet. I've been on it 1 month now and am definitely having those symptoms. Mainly sore nipples, extreme fatigue, cramping, etc... you won't have a period while on it...just random spotting. Thankfully it hasn't effected libido/mood which was my problem with past pills. I just hope i'm not pregnant! LO is only 3 months.
I was 17 when I met my current Dp who was 24. In my case, I would have wanted nothing to do with him if I'd met him any younger. He was a bit wild in his late teens/ early 20's. He has always been good to me, never pressured me or manipulated me into anything and as far as sex goes I was the one pushing. I'm now 20 and we have a beautiful son and perfectly healthy relationship. I can't say that I would definitely let my 17 year old date a 21 year old but it would be...
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