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Ruby is following in her siblings footsteps and weight gain came to a screeching halt when we introduced solids. She is 19 lbs fully clothed with a double stuffed diaper.
Lots of love, rainbow nurse!  Take it one day at a time!  You're a strong mama!
Ruby slept from 12-7:30 last night.  7.5 hours!!!!  Amazing!  My boobs did not get the memo though...so I was up.  But STILL!
I know it can be hurtful sometimes when babies prefer someone else over you (my kids are ALL in a daddy is the absolute best thing in the world and mommy is only for feeding, cleaning and wiping bums phase) but try not to let it get to you.  The pendulum is constantly swinging.  Tomorrow it could be all about you again!  Be glad that you have a partner who is involved and loved by your baby!  The daddy- daughter relationship can be such a beautiful thing to watch!     I...
Yep.  My boos look like they were attacked by razor blades. She also enjoys biting down and pull her head back in an attempt to rip my nipple off.  And yes, she also thinks this is hilarious.  Babies.  Its a good thing they're cute.
I've never waited 3 years! I've never even heard to wait that long. I've heard two but my midwife doesn't follow that line of thinking. If you feel ready, I say go for it!!
It looks amazing!!! You did a great job!!!
Rainbow...looks like you had a great time!  My frozen toes are so jealous!  Elliot looks so relaxed!
 Oh my goodness...we LOVE Lonely Island! LOL  
We give her whatever we are eating. We use very little salt (and the salt we use is good salt so there's some nutritional value to it) and we only cook with coconut oil so I don't mind that she gets some. Really though, she isn't ingesting anything I give her anyway so I could dunk it in sugar water and still be fine. Lol
New Posts  All Forums: