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We had a Bali breeze gauze wrap and I wore my 2 year old in it. It was not a forgiving wrap so if I wasn't very careful while wrapping, it would dig like crazy. Gauze wouldn't be my first choice for a toddler but its definitely doable!
Narrow based carriers don't cause hip displasia. They can make it worse if the baby already has issues. So if her baby is healthy, I wouldn't worry about it. The real issue with those carriers is that they're super uncomfortable which often leads people to believe they "can't" babywear. If she starts to find it uncomfortable, there's your chance to suggest some better carriers!
I LOVED the 16 moth gap. It was perfect in every way! 2.5 years was the worst gap for me. That could be because I was going from 1 to 2 kids though. That in itself is hard. I personally prefer them close in age!
2.5 years between the first two. 16 months between 2&3 and just over two years between the last two. So right now I have a 6 year old, 4 year old, almost 3 year old and ruby.
Here's the family, minus daddy! And Ruby practicing her newest skill, sitting!
I don't play with Ruby. At this age, I don't see the point! I read to and play with the older kids and she's around, if tht counts? Lol I do sing songs and do finger plays with her every so often. She likes tickling games (like this little piggy). Maybe try some of that? The library will have books of rhymes and finger plays if you need help! I wouldn't feel bad. She gets all the interaction she needs when being worn! This is an age of discovering so crawling around...
Those costumes are adorable and hilarious! I did something similar with my oldest; a picture for every month. I made them into a calendar and gave them to grandparents for Christmas.
Omgoodness! Loooove it. Everything. The wrap colour way. The hood. The EARS! Gah. Love.
Have you sunned the diapers? That works sooo well! I don't remember when we started spraying. Maybe 8ish months? It probably varies a lot between babies. Some eat a lot better than others! Like how ruby eats basically nothing. We will probably not have to spray diapers until potty training! As for your pregnancy logic, I totally get it! Why do you think I have four?
I don't know the official definition by for us it's a safe space for them to explore. It's made with them in mind. Everything is accessible to them: toys are in low shelves, clothes are in drawers they can reach or hung on a low rail, art work is at their eye level on the wall. Etc. we do a floor bed from the time theyre out of our bed, instead of a crib and they're then able to move around freely. The mirror on the wall is a big hit! They love to lie there and...
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