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Wrenmoon, Thank you!!  I will look into the herbs and check out the website!  I definitely don't want surgery.  From what I can tell, its not too severe...things are just shifting  (who can blame them after so many back to back pregnancies?!).  My bleeding, while very slow, is still there are bright red.  It was always gone at this point with my other pregnancies.  I wonder if the two could be related! I've been waiting for the bleeding to stop to start my evening walks...
Hugs to all those struggling with nipple pain and latch issues!  All four of mine have been bad latchers...Ruby is the worst by far.  Thankfully, after 6 years of nursing, my nipples are bassicall giant callouses anyways so I don't feel too much pain! ;)  I do think that there will almost always be a period of transition where nursing is uncomfortable (if not down right painful!!), even if everything is perfect.  I also think that the pressure to get the "perfect" latch...
Sounds like a good story!! Congratulations! Such a beautiful name!!
So happy for you and Chris!!! He is so wonderful! Congratulations again, my love!
I'm fairly certain I've got some sort of prolapse happening here. I will be talking to midwife this week. For some reason (hormones, maybe?) it is super upsetting to me! I feel broken! Is it something that can be corrected with surgery? Blah. Trying not to think about it.
Here we are- your baby spent the last 40ish weeks having all her needs met instantly. You are all she knows. At this age, there are no "wants", only "needs". If she's nursing for comfort, it's because she needs it! If you feel that nursing her when she cries is the right thing to do, do it and without guilt or worry! Trust your mama instincts!! As for us, Ruby is (thankfully) just like her father. Completely laid back. She just goes with the flow. I have no idea how...
Congratulations! Welcome baby boy!!
Such a beautiful picture!!! Welcome to the world Julia! And congratulations, mama!!
She is beautiful, mama! I'm SOS prey you had a rough delivery. Hoping you're able to find peace and have a quick recovery!
He is so handsome! Love all the hair!! . Congratulations, Mama!
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