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Our kids have montessori style rooms (but geared towards older kids now so it's a little different) and we love it.  Actually most of our house is kind of set up that way.  It makes sense.  They live here too so things should be accessible to them!     When Amelia was a baby, her room had a montessori floor bed with a mirror on the wall beside it and a low shelf with toys for her.  It was so great!  She loved (and still does love) to play alone in her room! :)
I didn't know it was supposed to be worn that way until I had ruby. I'd been babywearing for almost 6 years at that point. So you're ahead of me!
I can't even begin to tell you the number of times my kids have bonked their heads at this age. Many, many times. They've also pulled things over into themselves, face planted, crawled into things, etc etc. it's a part of this whole learning to move thing. It sucks for us mamas to watch, for sure! But babies are more durable than we give them credit for! Just enjoy the extra snuggles you yet when comforting her! She will be alright.
I just feel ready to do it all again.  Ruby is still a baby (though an easy one for the most part) but she's getting so big and I haven't been pregnant for a whole 7 months! lol My uterus feels empty and lonely! ;)     And yes, I've seen some triplicate posts too!
Makes sense that they'd be starving at this age...they're starting to mobile which is a whole lot more active than they used to be! haha   Ruby has been nursing like crazy all. night. long.  My supply is unreal...I just look at a baby and milk is pouring out of me.  
I'm a huge believer in routines for babies and kids.  It has made my life sooo much easier.  All that said, I do still live my life!   I've had Ruby take her morning nap in the sling or wrap from the day she was born because that's generally when we are out.  I wanted her to be used to sleeping on the go so she can still get her much needed beauty rest and we can get time out.  After lunch, everyone has quiet time.  The older two go to their rooms to read and Ruby and...
Still nothing here too. Which is good because I have baby fever and I might be tempted if I had a cycle!
FYI. Tide free and clear is amazing. My diapers are so clean. I can't stop smelling them. Amazing. Ruby hates purées. Hates. So I suppose we will be doing baby led weaning again after all. Now what to do with all those purées I made!
When they discover a new skill, they often do it over and over! It's exciting! I guarantee she doesn't feel pressured or anything of the sort. She is just enjoying her newfound mobility! Ruby will only be on her back if she has something interesting in her hands. And wen then, she often rolls to her tummy after a few minutes. I can't believe we are at the crawling stage already! I'm not ready!
I could be wrong, but I think it's only a concern if your water breaks and labour doesn't otherwise start for a long time. My water broke with my first and I was told I had 24 hours and then they'd want to induce. 6 hours later contractions started. My fourth labour also started with water breaking. She was born 55 minutes later. My first three were all posterior. I do wonder about depleted nutrients bein the cause of weak membranes. I had terrible hyperemesis with the...
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