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Hoping it starts soon for you! I remember that disappointment all too well!Hugs, mama! I went to 41+1 with my first and it was awful! She was an August baby so I had the heat to deal with too! I hope it happens soon for you!!YES. We aren't going to church this week because the comments started getting almost obnoxious! I had a hard time not crying!!I'm 39 weeks today. To be honest, I'm surprised baby isn't here since my last two were early. Up until this evening, I...
You guys are all so talented! And not lazy! I have a pile of sewing to be done.... But I doubt it will get done my time soon! I love the tshirt flats! How do they work??
Still here! I've been reading but not posting. The sex talk made me laugh! My old doctor would say that my husband got me into this mess so use him to get me out. Never worked though! We've been pretty consistent in having sex and ramped it up to at least every other day now. But it doesn't even give me BH! Lol. I think it's more of getting our fill of it while we still can! My kids came at 41+1, 39+1 and 38+5. I'm 38+4 today. I thought for sure it would happen last...
I lost my mucous plug and had bloody show on the weekend...but nothing since!  I'm guessing 7-10 days...but this pregnancy has been so different from my other three that I'm basing that off nothing really!  
I've. Never had any sort of pre labour before. With this one I get timetable contractions every evening! They're what I imagine early labour feels like (my labours always have gone from nothing to super intense in no time so I've never actually felt early labour). But they aren't doing anything. Which is fine (though annoying) since I'm not even 36 weeks yet!
Don't mind at all. . Between the constant throwing up and 3 kids to take care of, I haven't had much spare time (or energy) to post!
We still have regular sex but its more for the intimacy than the sexual satisfaction for me. Every single time I'm about to orgasm I get a huge, awful hip cramp. Bye bye orgasm. Then I'm too mad to get back into it. So yeah. Good times! Lol I get tender uterus but haven't had any increase in BH after sex.
We have a few pairs of socks because it gets cold in the ac. I keep a pair in my diaper bag along with a sweater and little hat, just in case.
Oh my goodness! That must keep things interesting, eh? Are you still on bed rest?
Just over 6 weeks until my due date! Crazy! I am so excited to meet this little person!!!!! I've finally started getting things done for baby. Finished knitting a few covers and now I am in the zone! I have 4-5 projects I want to finish and I'm knitting like crazy! Got the diapers and clothes out and will wash them this week. I've been trying to find a cradle on kijiji. Once I get that, there's really nothing left for baby. There are around the house/ sibling things...
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