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They're all so cute, even when they're avoiding sleep!  And so mobile!  Ruby still can't be trusted to stay sitting up.  She falls over so easily!  I look over and she's face down in the rug.  haha
I stay at home and Ryan works so I consider it my "job" to do the house work and the majority of the parenting.  When he's home, he does an equal share (if not MORE).  He does the bed time routine with the kids while I nurse Ruby to sleep (and read while I'm at it...it's such a nice way to end the day!). He is a terrible multi-tasker though so that part did ring true!  Also, I think I do experience time differently.  My mind is always thinking about the next thing to be...
Ride Sally ride sums it up perfectly! It's always something with these babies!
I was asking Ruheling. :)  I know what you mean about mellowing once you realize they can go to sleep with someone else...that's me too.  Its when they will ONLY go to sleep by nursing that I start to feel clausterphobic!   As for the nursing not making a baby sleepy, I'm dealing with that now.  She's upstairs talking to herself.  lol  She'll start to cry in a few minutes and I'll try again.  If it doesn't work, she inevitably ends up downstairs with us until we go to bed....
My son is a climber and I am SO paranoid that something will tip on him. ;)  Otherwise I might never have thought to do it! 
We tether big furniture and cover electrical outlets. I'm like resque and don't have clutter so it's not an issue. I'm not big on too much baby proofing. They will bang their heads sometimes... It's part of life!
Hmm... I think so. I'm an 8 roght now and can do quite a bit with a 3. What's the brand? No idea in cotton silk blend. I've never tried one. Is it grippy?
Is there a reason you don't want to nurse her to sleep? Ruby will only go to sleep with me if I nurse her. When other people put her to sleep, she's fine without it.
Ruheling, 4s are my favourites! There are a ton of carries you can do. It's more versatile than a shorty but less overwhelming than a long wrap.
Cute! Ruby barely rolls over so I'm certain we've got some time before that happens here.
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