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3 of mine have been worn since birth and my eldest was in arms until we discovered babywearing around 3 months. They all reached milestones at different times. Babies will do things on their own time table. I don't think babywearing changes that.
I didn't start wearing my eldest until she was about 3 months. Everyone survived just fine. I may have even gained some arm muscles from carrying around my chubby girl! Lol Like others said, I would skip the stretchy wrap at that point. They aren't great for heavier babies. I started with a mei tai (babyhawk) and loved it. Now we mostly use woven wraps. They've got a higher learning curve but are totally worth it, in my opinion!
If your doctor isn't worried and she seems happy and healthy, I wouldn't worry too much. Keep offering it and let her decide how muh to eat. My eldest was over a year before she really ate anything but breast milk. I offered it but she mostly used it as art supplies. Lol She did eventually become interested and is now a healthy, happy 6 year old who loooves to eat!
We've been pretty lucky so far. I got strep throat but everyone else was fine. Hoping to avoid anything other than run of the mill colds. Those seem unavoidable with four kids. We eat a lot of bone broth during cold and flu season and are pretty vigilant about hand washing. Everyone takes vitamin d and c too.
Let baby eat naked! Saves on laundry!
We have a lamb skin in Ruby's basinette that I love!
We don't have the kind that covers the entire mattress but do have a small wool pad that I put under my babes when they sleep on a mattress.  I don't know how much the full covers cost but I only spent 40$ on this and its worked really well.  I don't put it under the sheet, just directly under the baby.  Its nice when we have a diaper leak too because it wicks away the pee and I don't have to change the sheets!
Ruby has been working on her pincer grasp today.  She managed to pick up a crumb that big brother dropped by her.  Seriously...pincer grasp is the most adorable thing to watch.  She's sitting up on her own as well (as long as she's not distracted by something out of her reach).  So I think we'll start sitting her at the table with us in the next few weeks and giving her a few things to experiment with during meals.  
Looks awesome, wrenmoon!     I found this today...it breaks down carries by which wrap size you need.  Super helpful.  I'm hoping to add some new sizes to my stash so I bookmarked this!   http://community.babycenter.com/post/a24393211/carries_by_wrap_length_and_links
I've never heard that you shouldn't put a baby in a high chair if they can't sit unassisted. Especially those high backed, padded ones. We have an old school wooden one that ruby still slumps over in so I will wait a while longer before putting her in it.
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