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I would but I'm Canadian. Maybe some of our American mamas would be interested?
I definitely think that babies can sense when we are getting frustrated. I call Ryan "the closer" because he can get any baby to sleep within minutes. We were at a Christmas party and there was an 8 week old baby that would not sleep for anything. I jokingly suggested they let Ryan try. Within 5 minutes she was out. I wish I had that super power.
Harmonious- a size six is pretty universal. My base is a five (or sometimes a long four). My husband is like yours, not much talked but definitely wider/ much broader. He uses our six with ease.
Oh actiasluna, that sucks! Being sick sucks, especially when you've got a baby to care for. Hopefully it passes quickly and you get some sleep!
The sprayer hooks up to the toilet. Installation is super easy, my not so handy husband did it no problem. We didn't have one with my first. We tried liners but they never stayed in place and poop got everywhere. I had to use a spatula to take poop off (gag). I am very thankful that I discovered the sprayer. My life is much easier now! Haha
How were you wearing the maya ring sling? A ring sling is great when doing a chest to chest carry with newborn... And there's no way for them to slip into a pocket. If you don't want a wrap and you want it to fit many body types, a Mai tei or ring sling is probably your best bet.
I don't think it's possible to overwear a baby! That's the norm in many cultures. I've worn all of my babies that much for the first six months (and still quite a bit as they got older) with no issues.
I've nursed in many carriers but my favourites are the ring sling and wrap.  A mai tei works well too.  I think the ease and modesty depends on your chest size and size of baby.  Ring slings are nice because you can use the tail for extra coverage but they sometimes aren't as comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  I like wraps the best because you can pull the rail over for coverage and they are very comfortable over long periods of time.  
My favourite patterns are Curly Purly and Evie pants (which is a longie, shortie and skirty pattern too!)   I use whatever 100% wool I have on hand...I'm not picky! ;)
When you constantly have to untangle your nursing bras from your tank top straps.     When the UPS guy is afraid to look when you open the door because last time you forgot to put your boob back.     When your husbands only solution to a crying babe is to yell "It's BOOBY tiiiiiime!"
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