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My daughter will be 2 this month and I still have not had a pp period. She is still nursing, so I'm assuming that's attributing to it.  Are there any herbs I can take or something to get it going? I'd rather not take Provera but I know that's an option. I never thought I would actually want it but I'd like to get pregnant again!
Following... my almost 2 year old is taking forever to fall asleep too and I would LOVE to have some time with my husband at night to just talk and be adults.  All my friends say CIO but I don't want to do that. 
So I found this tutorial to make your own dryer balls and I think I'm going to give it a shot.  Has anyone done it? I'm thinking it would make great Christmas presents.
We co-sleep (my hubby, 21 month old DD, and me) and we are having horrible sleep problems with our daughter.  She doesn't want to nap by herself and I generally end up nursing her to sleep every day and then have to hold her while she takes her nap.  If I try to put her down, she wakes up.  I'd like to get her to sleep on her own.    At night, she still nurses 5-6 times and it's starting to drive me batty. I don't mind her nursing a couple times but if she wakes herself...
Thank you all so much!
The thought terrifies me.  I hope we never have to find out about this :(
Funny- I read about a homemade natural ant killer on this blog this morning. I'm going to be trying it soon- will update with how it works!
Does anyone do the no poo method?  I'm thinking about giving it a try but I'm nervous. 
I don't use the fragrance free Tide.  I'll probably try that next :)   It's not yeast. I'm thankful but still annoyed. I'm thinking about giving her cod liver oil and probiotics and eliminating dairy from my diet.  I hope that helps.
My DD has had a diaper rash for months and months, off and on.  One ped said it is contact rash, the other said eczema.  Could it be a dairy intolerance?  It really itches her and is so frustrating.  She's cloth diapered and we wash the diapers in Tide. We use all cotton and wool. No matter what diaper I use, it doesn't help.  I just am having a hard time finding out the cause.
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