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I just had my first appointment yesterday, and it's not looking good. I am 42, and should be 7 weeks and 3 days along. The ultrasound showed a wonderful sack (I had a previous ectopic pregnancy, so was happy when I saw this!), but the embryo was a little fuzzy, measured at 6 weeks, and there was no heartbeat. I'm still hopeful that it could be a mistake, but my doctor suspects the baby stopped developing and that I'll likely miscarry this week. I go back Friday to have...
Just a quick hello! I am 42, and this pregnancy is a bit of a shock! I haven't told my husband yet - I may wait until I'm sure all is going well at my first appointment. He won't be thrilled, and I don't want to argue until I know my own position! We have a 7 yo son and 5 yo daughter, who are fabulous little people! I want to tell everyone, but am keeping it quiet at the moment since the pregnancy is so new, and the statistics aren't really in my favor! Am I the...
Korova, due sept. 4, third child, think its a girl!
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