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Okay, I think we're doing all right. She's having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, and I am leaking from the breast she's not using during let down again. I'm not getting that firm, full feeling from my breasts anymore, but I'm feeling better about that. I knew I probably just needed to give it a little more time, but it's so difficult to maintain perspective right now. I so appreciate the reassurances you ladies gave. It definitely help me to calm down!
I have a one week old baby girl. We started using nipple shields in the hospital at the suggestion of a nurse, because I couldn't get baby to latch at all. An LC then helped me get her latched once, and since we've been home, with lots of help from the internet, I've been working on weaning us off of the shield. Yesterday was the first day I haven't used it at all, though it sometimes takes a lot of failed attempts before we get a latch, and by the time she gets on and...
I'm 4 weeks, three days, and I've been extra hungry for nearly a week, & it's getting worse every day.  The problem isn't so much that I'm starving and can't stand it, but that if I don't eat right when I feel hungry, or I don't eat enough, I feel nauseous.     I'm a little bit concerned about gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy, because my mother and sister both gained a lot of weight during their pregnancies, and my mother never really lost it (and then gained...
I just joined the group and my EDD is October 26th!  So excited to be here.  
This will be our first, and we're not going to find out.  We're hoping to have a couple more, and I've always thought that it was so smart to get all of your staples in gender neutral colors to accommodate any future babies.  Not that you couldn't absolutely use pink crib sheets for a boy, or put a girl in tiny blue sleep sacks, but it seems like a good idea to start in greens and yellows.      
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