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It is caused by the tetanus bacterium Clostridium tetani. Tetanus is often associated with rust, especially rusty nails, but this concept is somewhat misleading. Objects that accumulate rust are often found outdoors, or in places that harbor anaerobic bacteria, but the rust itself does not cause tetanus nor does it contain more C. tetani bacteria. The rough surface of rusty metal merely provides a prime habitat for a C. tetani endospore to reside, and the nail affords a...
broth worked best for me  
you do not have to have an epidural or a fetal monitor. i was able to walk and use the tub. gahh dr's make me so angry. and i had a very successfulvbac. i would reccomend taking some birthing classes. im glad i did. i learned so much and my teacher had a vbac 30 years ago so that was encouraging.
its just ligament pain from your uterus growing with baby. vaginal pain is normal because you have a lot of increased blood flow to that area during pregnancy so everythings a little swollen in that area.
Just stay positive if trying for a Vbac. I did it and I feel so amazing and powerful and in control of my body. The pain is only temporary and then you're up walking around the same day as opposed to the cesarian where it can take months to heal. And after the birth, all of those endorphins make you forget about the pain. And then you say,"oh ya I could do that again!" Ceserians are way more risky than natural or even vbac. And besides that you're doc won't let you do...
I only tried Paragaurd, for one year and had a lot of pain the whole time, come  to find out, it was hooked into the wall of my uterus and I had to have it surgically removed. I was bummed because I was a little excited to have a BC that was hormone free. Oh well, tracking my ovulation works great for me and it's totally natural. I should have listened to my self the day I went in to get the IUD and had a really bad feeling. Never doubt yourself.  
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