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We are going to be waiting for my next cycle (should be around March 17th) for ovulation (and first insemination attempt) on March 27ish.  Does that help?  Haha, it might take us a while to learn the "lingo".  
Yes! Definitely add me to the list!  Thanks SO much for all of the suggestions.  It was really great discovering this site today and read about other women's experiences and knowing that there are other people out there going through similar issues! 
Hi All!! And thanks for the invite, nosreves!!  My partner Cathy and I are getting married in 10 days and hope to start the baby-making on my next cycle in March.  We are VERY new to the whole AI thing and, so far, have experienced a roller-coaster.  We have been searching for a donor for about a year, had 2 back out and, as of 3 days ago, found out that the WONDERFUL donor did not pass his physical :( SO we will be trying frozen sperm.   Right now we are trying to...
I started another thread but thought that I would post my question here as well.  My partner and I are about to use Midwest Sperm Bank and are wondering if we can get more than one insemination from one vial.  For example, can we use one vial for several tries over a couple of days?  How long is the sperm viable?  Thanks so much!!! 
We are getting ready to use Midwest Sperm Bank.  Does anyone know if you can get multiple inseminations from one vial?  For example, we want to inseminate 2 or 3 days in a row.  Is there a way to thaw and then keep the sperm?  How long is the sperm viable?  TIA!!  
New Posts  All Forums: