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Do you have HMO or PPO?
Any more recent experiences with UHC?
MIL is from another country... but my wife was born and raised in basically my culture. Not a victim of war AFAIK. My wife was the younger of 2 daughters and I think MIL and elder daughter were not very nice to my wife... but I'm guessing that had more to do with a degree of narcissism and not on any external factors. I think a big part of the problem is that my wife's sister had 2 children quite a few years before we had our son... and they did not successfully set...
I thank you for all of your reflections and advice. It is very helpful. I will look up the book recommendations as well.   At this point it comes down to my wife's hesitation. I already had to decide that I was putting the relationship on the line when I told her she was not to give meds to our son. She tends to become very extreme - so I had to accept that it might mean she would take the low road and I would be putting my foot down in terms of how she would see our...
Update: I told my MIL that she cannot administer any medication to our son. She was not at all pleased about this. She ruminated about it for a day and then announced angrily that it is a matter of trust - either we trust her or we do not. We both then reiterated that she is not to administer medication. She never conceded anything. But the message from us was not ambiguous. 
Update: Grandma medicates our son without consulting us   We were traveling together - a number of family members. Our son had been car-sick on a very bumpy road a few days earlier. Without asking either of his parents - notwithstanding that we were there - grandma gave him anti-nausea medication in anticipation of a drive we were going to be taking. Our son ended up passing out and slept for the drive. Grandma was so proud of the wonderful work she had done.
Supervision is not great for me. Yes, while I'm around she somewhat behaves herself. But even while she is on her good behavior, she is very irritating when it comes to her interaction with my son. For example, she is constantly obsessing about how to get him to eat more and how to get him to eat and what to get him to eat. She chases him around and tries to put food in his mouth. All of that is unnecessary, of course. When he is with me, I make healthy food available...
Thanks for all of your input. She is my wife's mother. I have been ready to get more resolute on a number of occasions, but my wife has asked me to let her handle it. Of course my wife ends up in tears and without any satisfactory progress when she does.    We live quite far from grandma. But we see her regularly... and of course there is the frequent Skyping.     
She has access to him because she is his grandmother and showers love on him. And because it would tear my wife apart to turn it into a war.
  Grandma indulges my almost-4-year-old son beyond all reason. When he is with her, he is constantly plied with cookies and toys and screen time. She indulges his every whim. With her there are seemingly no boundaries, nothing educational, and no thought as to what might be good for him in terms of his long term growth. Everything is about satisfying anything he could hope for now. When she is not with him in person, my son Skypes with her. Most of those Skype sessions...
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