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I liked Sabrina when looking at names. If I remember correctly it has irish origins something about a river. Good luck in your search!
Yes I use the ball canning lids and rings. The rings are reusable but the lids are one use only. I sometimes use the old lids for dry storage of beans and such but mostly they get tossed. Canning is awesome!
I just write on the lid with a sharpie. I tried the sticky labels but I can never get them off the glass! http://www.sbcanning.com/p/sb-canning-store.html#!/~/category/id=5794028&offset=0&sort=normal . these look awesome. Good luck in your search!
Not really short but what about Inga Marguerite. I like helene too :-)
I dont really have any experience with either. I did watch an ISR video on facebook, it was amazing. If I had any body of water in any way accessible to mybabies I would definitely look closely at it. Good luck in your search.
Only me.. some times my DH puts them in a nice stack for me :-) also my toddler likes to unload the flatware and tupperware from the dishwasher.
Im going go join! Im brit a mostly stay at home momma of two. I watched this thread with intrest last year and am excited to jump in now! Today I tossed a bunch of bustedtoys and recycled some card board packaging from Christmas. 8/2014
How far along are you? They may be concerned that the rigors of natural childbirth could cause the cyst to rupture, which is very painful. (Not sure if more painful than natural birth though!). I had a cyst about the same size surgically removed at 15 weeks pregnant. Feel free to ask questions and maybe we can answer them. I hope all goes well for you!
I have no advice for you but wanted to say I completely understand why you are upset! I would be too. It sounds to me that your child did what any child her age would do and there is no need for any evaluations. My very social daughter is five in preschool and I can see her reacting exactly as your child did. I hope everything works out and this principal recognizes that this is pretty typical behavior in the situation you described. Good luck mama!
New Posts  All Forums: