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Hi, Clarabelle,   Even though some people have responded, I wanted to respond, since I was the original poster of this post. I agree with mammashakeit when she says not to worry too much (though that's easy to say!) If it gives you any hope, I am now 35 weeks pregnant, so obviously my spotting and pains did not result in miscarriage.    I will tell you that I had a unique first trimester, and I bled (sometimes heavily) until I was about 8-9 weeks (and I found out...
Hi, everyone! As weird as it is to say (or type!) I'm pregnant! I found on two days ago on 11DPO, and today is 13DPO. For a few days I've had some brown discharge, but on 9-10DPO there was a TINY amount of blood too. This morning (13DPO) I had some more blood. I also have some pain in the right side of my pelvis, so of course, now I'm freaking out!   Yesterday I got my blood drawn and will have it done again on Thursday to see if things are progressing accordingly....
I'm such a test-a-holic, so I would probably test if I were you. I'm in my 2WW right now, and I told myself that I needed to wait until at least 9DPO (even though that is still early!)   The month after my miscarriage, I SWORE that I was pregnant again. I felt nauseated, had sore boobs, etc. I wasn't pregnant, but I swore that I was. Our minds play crazy tricks on us!
When I discarded that temp, it still didn't put up crosshairs. However, I put all my temps on tcoyf.com (and it adjusted my times accordingly) and it is saying that I did ovulate on CD18. Who knows...now I'm confused!
I'm so sorry for your loss!   A similar thing happened to me. I MC in January and waited 8 weeks and didn't get my period. I, too, thought I might be pregnant, but I tested multiple times and they were all negative. My doctor put me on Provera, and that induced my period about two weeks later (which was earlier this month.) Now I'm in my 2WW...so we'll see what happens!
I would test, but then again, I have no self-control!
I posted a few days ago, but I thought I would add another thread to get some new thoughts. I was wondering if I had ovulated, but I think I did (even though FF hasn't recognized it yet).   So...still no cross hairs, but I think I know why. Here's my chart again. My Ovulation Chart Technically my "thermal shift" was only .3 degrees, and I think it only registers it if it's .4 I actually think I ovulated...
Thanks for your response, librarygirl! I didn't know what the open circles meant, so that is good to know. How does it determine that it isn't a normal temping situation?   No, I wasn't really sick, but I never sleep well (I usually toss and turn all night, so that could have been it.) I did try to take my temperature around the same time (with an hour to an hour and a half). I was on vacation from CD 14-19, so I was traveling during that time.   I don't really...
Hi, everyone! I'm pretty new here, and I'm new to charting. I know I should probably just wait a few days to know for sure, but do you think I've already ovulated? Please see my chart.   My Ovulation Chart    
I've been taking my temperature before I get out of bed and I've been trying to take it after uninterrupted sleep, but like I said, I'm on vacation, and I know I've been probably waking up a lot. I've also been trying to take it around the same time that I was taking it at home. I'm at a loss! Is it possible that I O'd and it's just taking awhile for my temps to rise?
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